How To Lose Weight When You’re Broke AF!


I hear it time and time again. “I can’t afford a gym membership, that’s why I can’t exercise enough,” or “eating healthy is so expensive, fast food is so much cheaper.” While gym memberships do seem to cost an arm and a leg nowadays, that shouldn’t jeopardize working out! There are so many ways that you can workout, get fit, and eat healthy, in a cheaper and more affordable fashion. No, I don’t mean spend your entire check at whole’s foods on quinoa and sweet potatoes. Or walk into a $10 CrossFit class and rip your arm off doing bicep lifts. I mean actual and practical things that you can do on the daily to help you get fit, ON YOUR TIME. Being a lover of lists, I listed 10 ways you can get fit and shape up while being BROKE AF!!!

How To Lose Weight When You’re Broke AF!



  1. Do Squats While Watching Television – Why not use that commercial break for something practical? Like tightening that booty? Commercials are usually 2 – 3 minutes in length and you can easily bust out about 20 – 30 squats at a moderate pace.


2. Do Squats While Brushing Your Teeth– Another way to use the down time!


3. Park Further Away From The Store – Yes, we love that close park. You know the one that’s right next to the curb and yards away from the store. However your booty needs that workout, so get the extra steps and park further away from the store. Only in lighted areas! People are crazy out here nowadays.


4. Drink Water RIGHT after you wake up – Your metabolism will love you.


5. Try to Get Your 8 Glasses of Water A Day! – Many Americans don’t get their water recommendation throughout the day. We drink sodas, fruit juices, Gatorade, and all types of empty calories that add to bellies and thighs. An app that I’ve found that’s helped me drink more water is ‘Plant Nanny’. Check it out! It’s like the Tamagotchi for water drinking.


6. Walk Your Dog – Don’t have a dog? Get a dog.


7. Hold Your Stomach In-Activate those core muscles on the regular.


8.Lift Anything – I’ve seen some threads about women powerlifting their couch when they didn’t have any weights.


9.  Gym Membership Free Trial – Some gyms let you get a free week trial. USE IT!


10. Clean – Clean girl! Clean! Make sure you scrub that grime extra hard.



BONUS: Dance! – Dance girl! Put your favorite song on and dance!


How do you lose weight when you have no monies? Like this post? Peace and love my dears! ♡ Let me know comment below!



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