The Best Way To Weigh Yourself Using A Scale

If you’ve ever been disappointed by standing on the scale. Please raise your hand. *raises hand* I sure know that I have. It’s gotten so bad that once, I stopped even stepping on it. What I think is worse than the scale is the Wii Fit. Have you ever used one of those? Back when I didn’t have a scale and was totally into the Wii Fit, I would do workouts daily. Every time I would step on her, she would make this appalling sound. “Oooh.” *sighs* I knew when I heard that sound that the numbers that I was about to see weren’t going to be good.

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There are many hacks to using the scale, but I just want to talk about a few of them that have actually worked for me. As you all know, I would never let you guys do anything that I haven’t tried myself, and believe me, I’ve tried some weight loss and fitness things in my day. The first thing that I want to talk about is weighing yourself.

One of my Exercise Science professors in college told me that the best way to maximize your usage of the scale was to weigh yourself the same time every day. Every day you were to step on the scale around the exact same time. You see, your body has many internal functions and does a lot of stuff during the day. It balances hormones, takes care of body functions, and even keeps you alive! (Uh, duh Koko)

These processes take work you know. It’s not just all heartbeat and she’s awake. Your body will fluctuate 2-4 pounds EVERY SINGLE DAY. This is why weighing yourself the same time will help combat that. While the literature does differentiate on if you should weigh yourself every day, I have an even better recommendation. You should only weigh yourself ONCE weekly. Yes, one time. Ween yourself off the scale and only meet her once a week. That way you can see true changes in your body. It takes time you guys.

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For example, my date with the scale is Friday at 9 am. Yes, every Friday at 9 am I take a deep breath and hop onto her, in my birthday suit of course (clothes can change things). If what I see shocks me and I pass out, I wake up disappointed. If what I see makes me happy, I do my happy dance in the bathroom. Either way, I see true results.

The scale will only tell you how much you weigh, but we all know that weight doesn’t correspond to visual appearance. I for one have a very muscular frame. Many people are downright shocked to know that I weigh upward to 250 pounds. If you are muscular, what you will see on the scale will not show your true physical appearance. So, don’t fret. The scale isn’t always your best friend.

Now the scale isn’t the best way to see BF or BF %. If you want to know how much body fat you have, you would need to get a smart scale like mine (FitBit Aria Scale). Think about visiting a personal trainer or doctor to get your BF tested with a skin caliber. There are much more tried and true methods to getting your bodies details. Our technology has provided us with DEXA, Hydrostatic weighing, Air displacement (Bod Pod), and many many more expensive options. However, to save time AND money, you’re best off getting your skin caliber done by your doctor or a local personal trainer who is qualified to help you out.

Koko’s Tried & True Methods of Using The Scale:

1. Weigh Yourself Once Weekly at The Same Time

2. Be In Your Birthday Suit

3. Use a Flat Surface to Step On (No Carpet)

4. Remember Your Worth is Much More Than Some Numbers

5. Remember You’re Still Moving In The Right Direction

What did you think? Do you weigh yourself daily? Weekly? Tell me your scale tips down below. Peace and Love ♡

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