3 Easy Ways To Learn How To Cook

Well, I must say. An important part of your fitness journey WILL be learning how to cook. Now I myself can’t cook for anything. I can make simple things such as spaghetti and scrambled eggs. But as for complicated things like filet mignon or a steamed salmon, sister, you are on your own.

Cooking is something I find that comes natural to some, and is forced for others. I am most definitely one of the ‘others.’ I’m still in that college mentality when I can order everything and that will be enough. My butt has something to say about that! After college ended, I took that same mentality and implemented it into my adult life. Ordering out left and right, I picked up a whopping 30 pounds in under a year! Let this be a cautionary tale for you. Pizza at 2 am? Stop that. Brownies for breakfast? No longer.

My mom has been trying to get me to learn how to cook for absolute ages. During the holidays she insists that I stay downstairs with the ladies and help prep the food. I’ve always been a healthy mix between girly girl and tom boy. I’ve always enjoyed playing video games and goofing off with my guy cousins. So needless to say, I never learned how to cook.

Boy, do I regret playing videos games now. I realize that when I go to a grocery store, I am COMPLETELY lost. I often get the same quick fixes of food items I always get. Taco supplies, spaghetti materials, frozen pizza, and loads of fruit and juice.

I thought after going vegetarian (3 years in) that I would be able to learn how to cook, simply because fast food options were going to be scarce. Girl, the only thing I learned how to do was order fast food BETTER. I learned what I can order from EVERY and I do mean EVERY fast food chain. *sigh*

Now that i’m on this new fitness journey, I MUST learn how to cook. Let me share with you some steps on how I plan to do that.

  1. Planning out recipes of things that I like before I go to the grocery store.
    • I figure that If I spend some time during my day and find recipes that I like, I will be able to navigate the grocery store much better. Here are some websites I absolutely love for fit healthy and aesthetically pleasing meals. Hopefully you can find something that you like!
  2. *Trying* to cook 3 new recipes a week
    • The way I see it, there are so many delicious recipes out there to cook and its a shame that I don’t know how to make a single one. If I start slow by learning a main course meal, and appetizer, and a desert all in one week, I’ll be on track in no time! Dinner parties here we come!
  3. Joining a local cooking Meetup or find a cooking Groupon
    • Why learn alone when you can learn with others! There are so many other people in the same boat as us and they are just waiting to meet other like-minded individuals. I’m a big fan of the Meetup app itself, so it’s bound to be filled with cooking groups of every flavor. Groupon is another great place to look for cooking classes! They won’t be free, no, but they will knowledgable!

I should be able to this in no time! Let’s hope! We must take everything in stride when starting a fitness journey. Nothing will come easy, and there will be times where we want to quit. But, we have to persevere. Tell me, do you know how to cook? How did you learn? Peace and love my dears ♡



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